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Connecting with Angels

By meditation – This is very simple.

1. Sit or lie down comfortably. Light a candle and play some soothing music if you like . Close your eyes and take a few Deep breaths & draw the distance symbol in air if you are a reiki practitioner and it doesn’t mind even if you are not.

2. Open up your palms such that they are facing up . Start the flow of reiki and visualise the energy a bridge between you and your guardian angels. You can visualise your angel standing at the other end of the bridge if you wish to say these words , “My dear Guardian angels please connect with me now. Thank you.”

3. Your open palms serve as an invitation for your Angels to connect with you. Trust the Impressions you receive. You may feel someone placing their palms on yours, your palms may feel warm or tingly or you may just know that your guardian angels are by your side. You may sense the presence of one or two or more Angels, whatever you experience is fine.

4. Slowly draw your palms towards your chest and keep them crossed over your heart Chakra, this will draw the loving energies of your guardian angels into their heart.

5. Express your gratitude to your Angels, “Please guide me and help me with my purpose here on earth. Thank you for being my guardian angel.”

6. Open your eyes when ready and get back to your routine.

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