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What Are Switchwords?

In short, Switchwords are modern mantras. They are purely Divine blessings. They can transform your life the way you want. They are not any Spells, Black Magic, Mumbo Jumbo or Witchcraft.

Switchwords were first identified by the famous and renowned founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He suggested that certain words have the power to reach into, and alter, our subconscious. This idea was seized upon by an Author, James T. Mangan, who wrote his book, “The Secret of Perfect Living”. So, he is the main contributor for giving this knowledge to the world. Then Shunyam Nirav researched this concept further and came up with his book “Switchwords Easily Give to You Whatever You Want in Life”. And Liz Dean and many more contributed to share this knowledge to the world. Then We all know our beloved angel Kat Miller’s contribution by her.

So what are Switchwords?

Well, they are just simple, everyday words. No one knows exactly how a switchword works, but it is likely that it is connected to the vibrational frequency of the word, tapping into Subconscious mind. The literal meaning of the word is not important… It may be related to its meaning or it may not.

Who Can Use Switchwords?

Anyone can make use of Switchwords. There’s no danger or harm by their use, so feel free to try them for any situation that they could relieve or improve.

What Can I Use Switchwords For?

In a word, anything. – For Money and Abundance – For increasing Sales and Business, to clear Debts – For any illnesses, diseases, even congenital deformities to relieve and correct – Any wish fulfillment like to get a job, to get married, to manifest anything. – For Building characters like Creativity, Confidence, Genius etc in us – For clearing Negative energies and Negative emotions – To resolve Relationship issues And many more… Literally no limits.

Of course, they may not create a pair of wings on your back, may not give you superhuman powers like teleportation to another place… Except those miracles, almost anything is possible by Switchwords.

How To Use Switchwords?

Switchwords are used in many ways. Simple usage : • Chant, whisper or say loudly many many times daily. Don’t count… never focus on a number. Focus on intention. The more chanting the better. • Write them down in a notebook many times daily. Dont count… Just write more times… • Meditate them. • Write them on your body once after every bath. But don’t write on your body when results are needed in another person. • Write them on a sticker paper and stick that sticker on the body. Use a different sticker daily for hygienic reasons. • Write them on wrist bands, knee guards, clothes or anything we wear. Sky is the limit for your imagination. For example, write hair growth Switchwords on a hair band and wear it on head. • Write on a paper and stick on a water bottle (or write on bottle diectly) and drink that water in sips throughout the day. But after 15 minutes of writing.

Advanced usage of Switchwords :

• Use them with other healing modalities like Reiki, Crystal Grids etc. • Use them with Emotional Freedom Technique. • Use with Radionic machine..

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