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Oregon Pendant : Amethyst with Sri Yantra

Oregon Pendant : Amethyst with Sri Yantra

Amethyst Oregon Pendant with Sri Yantra:

Oregonite is made with resin, metal and crystals to balance and harmonize the energy. The most common uses of this oregonite pendant are-

  • Better sleep
  • Vivid dreams
  • Balancing mood
  • EMF protection
  • Spiritual & psychological growth
  • Increase in immunity
  • Stimulates energy


Qualities of Amethyst:

Amethyst crystal helps us on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This is associated with the Crown Chakra and is an abundance creator. It activates the mind and awakens the sixth sense and makes one intuitive. It relieves stress, and anxiety. Amethyst also helps one have a sound sleep.


Sri Yantra:

Sri Yantra is a beautiful sacred geometry used for fulfilling all the desires. It clears our mind and motivates us to focus on our goals. Keeping this symbol near us and meditating upon it helps to bring clarity in out thoughts and mind. It brings the spiritual as well as material wealth and keeps the negativity away from our surroundings.


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