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Energized Oregon Pyramid:Amethyst, Gomati Chakra & Sri Yantra

Energized Oregon Pyramid:Amethyst, Gomati Chakra & Sri Yantra

The Orgone Pyramids are based on Austrian Psychoanalyst "Dr Wilhelm Reich" Research early 20th century, He has introduced the term called orgone.

The Term "orgonite" refers to a mix of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin in a combination for balance out the life energy that we also know as prana, chi or orgone.

Orgone Pyramid (orgone generators) have the ability to clean the energies in the room and protect the individuals from the EMF radiation. When placed in work, living or sleeping spaces.

Amethyst is an extremely powerful crystal to raise consciousness and help in meditation. It calm mindand enhance concentration. 

Gomati Chakra is a rare natural product found in Gomati river in Gujrat. It resembles with Sudarshan Chakra, the weapon of Shri Krishna.

It is considered very auspicious to keep it in the house or business place as it brings good luck, abundance and protection and appeases Goddess Laxmi. It enhaces concentration and removes fear if kept on study table of the children.

Sri Yantra helps you grow your business and attract wealth. You can use it for wish manifestation as well, write your wish on a paper and keep under it.

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