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Om Mani Padme Hum

Meaning and benefits of this Buddhist mantra.

This powerful Buddhist mantra is sung, chanted and wore all around the world by the followers of Buddha.This powerful 6 syllable mantra is the source of all things related to the bodhisattva of compassion. This is called Gawan Yin Mantra.This mantra is a set of words that are believed to create true transformation. Chanting or wearing this mantra is a way of offering a prayer during difficult times. This is known for protection and attracting love, happiness and peace towards you and around. It is often used while visiting temples, in daily prayers, in times of difficulty and in need of compassion.



●Wearing on your upper body.

●Inhaling in the air of those who have chanted it.

●Touching someone who has recited the mantra.

●Seeing someone who has recited the mantra.

●Writing out the mantra.When one is able to recite this powerful mantra and transform themselves they carry a gift, the air they pass on and the water they touch is blessed with this power and reaches out all around.

This is truly magical.What should you remember while chanting?

Ohm” – One should try to become one with Buddha and transform impure body, speech and mind.

Mah-Nee” – Represents the jewels and how we can transform through enlightenment and compassion.

Padh Meh” – means lotus and resembles purity and wisdom.

Hum” – means that we must reply on indivisible divine energy.

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