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Healing Numbers

What are Number Codes?

Number Codes are powerful Energy sequences useful for various purposes. They are Unique and Quite effective. Many healers intuited many systems of Number codes for various purposes.

The different number code systems we use are :

1. Lloyd Mear Numbers 2. Gigori Grabovoi numbers 3. Divine Healing codes 4. Sacred Codes 5. Divine numbers 6. Homeopathic vibration rates 7. Radionic rates 8. Blueiris numbers 9. Quantum K numbers 10. Rife frequencies 11. Solfeggio frequencies 12. Schumann resonance Etc… the list continues…. Frequencies come with “Hz” as suffix after number. It is to be spelt as “Hertz”.

How to use Number codes and Frequencies When any of these numbers are given in replies, you can do : – Chant the number daily – Write many times in a book – Write on wall (Only Numbers meant for that Area). – Write on body anywhere daily

Chanting : You can chant either as full number or in plain digits. Full number is more effective than plain digits. You can chant for others also…. Don’t spend your energy focus on counting the number of times. Focus on wish, intention, outcome…

Writing on body : Write on body or write the numbers on a sticker paper or tape and stick on body. Only write once after every bath. Writing many times in a notebook : Just an alternative to chanting… Some members find it easier than chanting… repeat the number while writing many times…

Writing on walls : Harmony numbers, Balck Magic numbers, Protection numbers, pest control numbers, Negativity cleansing etc can be written directly on a wall. As they are for working in that specific area…. For your health and wishes, this method doesn’t work… follow above methods.

Colors for different aspects :

Green – for increasing and growth… For Abundance, Money, Business, Hair growth, height to increase etc…. Red – For reducing size and also for health…. For weight reduction, to bargain, for illnesses, Boils, tumors etc… Blue – Soothing and calming….. For fever, pain, love, relationship, all general aspects. Orange – Wish fulfilment Violet – Negativity cleansing Black – Dispel evil Pink – Love and relationships

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