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Early Menopause

A young lady of 38 years approached me for consultation. She was visibly disturbed and uncomfortable as she positioned herself in the chair. Ma’am, I have been speculating for quite sometime, whether i should be asking for medical help but finally i decided as i cant take it any longer. For the last one year i have been getting irregular periods, the blood flow has drastically reduced. Previously i used to bleed for a good five days, now its reduced to just a day or two.Sometimes periods are late, or sometimes they come within 15 days or so. My #weight is steadily and continuously increasing inspite of having an active lifestyle. I also don’t indulge much on outside food. I am cranky, irritable and #moody most of the times. Our #Sex Life is out of the window. I somehow just don’t feel like it. Add to it Vaginal Dryness which makes it still more painfull. Also i catch a Urine infection almost everytime there is some action between the sheets. I am on an #emotionalrollercoaster!! The list seemed endless. She just went on and on. Please help me Doc. Is this MENOPAUSE? Or am i just loosing it??………. …. ……… .

Sounds Familiar everyone? Such problems are commonly faced by most Women approaching Menopause. But sometimes these symptoms can start as early as 34 or 35.

Menopause by definition is the stoppage of periods for a full 12 months. The usual age is around 50 years.However these changes can start as early as 10 years before. #PrematureMenopause is the one occurring before 40 years of age.Now in such patients symptoms can start well in the 30s itself!! In early Menopause,the ovaries reduce the production of the harmone #Estrogen.Fertillity starts declining rapidly. Most of these symptoms can be attributed to the reducing hormonal levels in blood. Now can this be stopped? Can we postpone the age of Menopause??…………… Unfortunately the answer is No. But there are various alternative therapies which can reduce these disturbing symptoms and help you age gracefully.

Can connect with me for further details on WhatsApp, call or mail.

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