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A free note on free advice

I can be a coach, a healer, a therapist, a teacher, a counsellor, a trainer and even a motivator for you but I have my own family, responsibilities, friends, relationships, work commitments, social interests, and hobbies as well.

Yes, I have and I will help you to deal with your lives alongside dealing with mine. I understand life gets overwhelming at times and I am here for each of you but please, do not ask for any kind of free service. Listening to your problems and trying to find out a solution best suited for you takes a lot of my valuable time and energy, please respect it. Also, please avoid asking any personal questions, including family, friends, sexual preferences, spiritual choices, relationships and the like.

As a Reiki Grandmaster, I speak on behalf of other practitioners and teachers, we spend years learning various therapies and are still in the process, which consumes not only our time and energy, but also our finances. We take sessions and attend to your problems irrespective of our personal situation after which asking for our services for free is disrespecting our knowledge.

As a counsellor, it takes constant effort to become sensitive enough towards understanding myself and also be empathetic and sympathetic towards your situations, feelings and emotions. And, asking for my time in exchange for nothing is again, disrespecting my efforts.

Being a client, when you expect me to be professional and give you a solution for your problems as and when you expect me to, I, on the other hand also expect a certain level of humanity and professionalism from you. Calling me at an odd hour, or without prior appointment, or not calling at the taken appointment without any intimation, or even sending multiple WhatsApp messages at whichever time you are comfortable with, is not appreciated. I understand you are stranded in the situation with no way out when you reach out for help, but please try and be civil.

We co-exist in the society, when I am here to understand your situation, you should too.

Gratitude, Ruchi Dawar. Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Money Reiki Grandmaster.

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