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Divine Angel's Healing Home

Mrs. Rucheita Dawrr, Reiki Grandmaster, Astronumerologist, Life & Manifestation Coach based out of Pune.

Heals ailments through accupressure, angel therapy, essential oils, crystals, white magic rituals, candle rituals, switch words, energy circles.

Get the best out of your life according to Numerology through Name Correction, Date of Birth Analysis, Business Name Analysis and Mobile Number Analysis.

Receive guidance through Pendulum Dowsing, Oracle Card Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Akashic record reading and Auto Writing.

Reiki healings (Karuna Reiki, Money Reiki, etc.) and crystal products (customized bracelets, Evil Eye, Tumbles, Pyramids, Jewellery, Trees, Angels, Runes), handmade customized dreamcatchers provided across the globe!

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Part-3 | Tips & Tricks to Score Good Marks | Divine Angel's Healing Home
Divine Angel

Part-3 | Tips & Tricks to Score Good Marks | Divine Angel's Healing Home

Welcome to our new series dedicated to achieving exam success ! At a glance: 1. Apply kesar tilak mixed with water or gangajal on the forehead's centre to enhance Jupiter & to improve memory and concentration. 2. Sit in Ganesh Mudra for some time. Lock the fingers of both hands with each other and cover each of the little fingers with the thumb to create a mudra. Keep this mudra for 10-15 minutes when you don't feel like studying or can't learn. 3. If you're scared after you prepare for your exams, chant positive affirmations to regain your confidence. 4. Saraswati Beej Mantra: "AIM", pronounced as "em" Previously: 1. Chant Saraswati Mantra before you start studying for your exams, every day. 2. Keep your study areas neat and clean for enhanced concentration. These practical tips and techniques tailored for students, parents, and teachers to enhance focus, reduce stress, and boost performance during exams using Switchwords, healing numbers, hand mudras, mantras, positive affirmations & many more... Join me on this transformative journey where I'll be sharing invaluable insights and strategies to help you excel in your studies and assessments. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your exam experience! Hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay updated with our latest videos. Together, let's uncover the secrets to academic success through the holistic approach of Reiki. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where I'll reveal more tricks to enhance your exam performance! Find me on my website: Facebook: Instagram: #Reiki #ExamSuccess #StressRelief #StudyTips #DivineMagick #SwitchWords #HealingNumbers #EnergyCircle #Affirmations #Mudra #SubscribeNow